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October 26, 2017 Maartje Sevenster is an independent verifier for the Australasian (International) EPD programme. Please contact us for more information.

March 17, 2017 Activities that make the economy more "circular" almost always involve trade offs. Can LCA contribute to building trust in proper process? Read this article on the Sustainability Matters website.

July 11, 2016 In their 2015 sustainability report, ASICS include the strategic results from our Social LCA (page 16). To get a clearer picture of the social risks involved in the supply chain, and improve management practices, a social LCA scan of the GEL-KAYANO 21 running shoe was carried out. Click on the image below for the full 2015 report.

June 13, 2016 The Sustainability Practitioner's Guide to Social Analysis and Assessment was launched at the 5th International Conference in Social Life Cycle Assessment on Monday 13 June at the opening Plenary. The Conference was held at the Harvard School of Public Health, Centre for Health and the Global Environment, Cambridge, MA. Sevenster Environmental contributed a business case study on Social LCA. To download the Guide, please go to the publisher's site .

May 5, 2014 Our article on delayed emissions of methane is now available in Early View of the Journal of Industrial Ecology .

April 4, 2014 We have been selected as preferred supplier on Waste & Resource Recovery Consultancy Panel of Sustainability Victoria. With our experience in the area of ranking and selection of priority waste categories, material flow and life cycle analysis we will contribute to the focus area of priority products and materials.

March 25, 2014 In the most recent issue of WME magazine, an article by Fabian Sack describes the Social LCA commissioned by Focus Press. The hotspot assessment resulted in several actionable issues leading to company policy development and the potential to save money through risk mitigation. See the article for more details.

July 18, 2013 At the ALCAS conference Focus Press, Fabian Sack Associates and Sevenster Environmental presented the results of the first public Social LCA of an Australian company. Focus Press, a printing company leading in sustainability, commissioned a scoping LCA covering both environmental and social effects in the full supply chain. See the presentation for more details.

March 19, 2013 The book Sustainable Dairy Production has been published, with a chapter on Life Cycle Assessment by Maartje Sevenster and lots of information on sustainability in the dairy industry internationally. As dairy is one of the leading sectors when it comes to sustainability, the book is of interest for all sectors. It is available now from Wiley-Blackwell .

Nov 5, 2012 Maartje Sevenster is one of the authors on a report published recently by the European Commission. The study addressed the reduction in carbon emissions that could be achieved via changes in behavioural patterns, such as dietary choices. See the press release for more information and links to the reports.

Oct 22, 2012 We have been selected as preferred supplier on the panel for the Supply Chain Management module of the NSW Sustainability Advantage program as well as the panel for Technical Services in Energy Efficiency (NSEE) for DCCEE .

Oct 1, 2012 Read our submission on life-cycle assessment and food sustainability regarding the National Food Plan Green Paper.

Sep 18, 2012 New online specialist course on carbon storage in products and delayed emissoins in LCA and foot printing, for the first time on October 25. See more details .

March 21, 2012 In a recent ruling, the British Advertising Standards Authority has banned advertising of fur as 'eco friendly' based on our LCA study. Read about the ruling here.