Facts-based sustainability

We provide research and consultancy services in the area of voluntary sustainability strategy, corporate social responsibility and policy support. Our approach always focuses on the context and needs of each individual client, and we use the most effective methods, metrics and data to address those needs. Life cycle assessment and foot printing are part of the set of methods. We have experience in the agrifood sector, packaging, waste, energy, metals, chemical industry, and across the public and private sectors. For detailed service offerings, see below.

We also offer tailor-made workshops in the area of supply chain sustainability, life-cycle assessment and carbon footprinting, as well as project management and secondments . Please contact us for more information.


Sustainable Procurement

Social and environmental risk and heat maps
Supply chain mapping
Life cycle costing
Sustainable Procurement Module delivery for NSW OEH Sustainability Advantage

Sustainable Products

Full product Life Cycle Assessment
Environmental foot prints
Ecodesign tools and calculators

Life-cycle assessment

Environmental and social LCA
Scoping and hotspot assessment (including I/O data)
LCA according to European PEF category rules
Environmentally Innovative Products (GECA)
Environmental product declarations (EPD)
Green Star Material Life Cycle Impact Credits (GBCA)
Ecological and Water Foot Prints
Methodology issues (e.g. recycling, allocation, risk measures)
Independent reviews

Carbon foot print

Carbon foot print (reduction) under GHG protocol, ISO 14067, PAS2050
Other-party verification for PAS2050
Carbon neutral products NCOS
Scope 1,2,3 corporate foot printing and greenhouse gas reporting
Biomaterials and bioenergy

Sustainability reporting

Support with environmental or sustainability (triple bottom line) reporting
Sustainable Development Goals
GRI and sustainability reporting for small and medium enterprises
Definition and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Environmental aspects in annual reporting

Policy and strategy

Environmental contribution assessments and priority ranking
Environmental weighting of trade and material flows
Resource efficiency
Waste sector policy and indicators
Biogenic carbon and carbon storage in products
Impacts of land use change and deforestation
Climate Risk and Adaptation Module delivery for NSW OEH Sustainability Advantage

Literature review and secondary data analysis
Life cycle costing and external cost evaluation
Social return on investment (SROI) and societal cost-benefit analysis (SCBA)